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Time for referendum on federal government is GE16, not state elections – Johari

KUALA LUMPUR: A proper time for a referendum to change the federal government is the 16th General Election in 2027, not the state elections, says Umno vice president Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani.

The Titiwangsa member of Parliament said the assertions to change the federal government through the state elections are mere political propaganda to sway voters.

He is commenting on claims by the opposition that the state elections is a referendum to overthrow the government.

The former second finance minister said whatever result the six state elections hold will not change the position of the current federal government

“How are we supposed to do a referendum because this (unity) government has only been in power for eight months? Wait for 2027 which is the 16th General Election.

“If we want to do a referendum every eight, nine months, are we convinced that doing so will solve problems?

“We have a proper process to change the government. Unlike (after) GE14 where the government was changed after 22 months, and then a change of prime minister. The people are the ones affected,” he said in the Soal Rakyat Khas PRN interview with TV3.

Johari added that, in this day and age, voters are well-educated on political matters and current issues which helps them to think through who to support come polling day.

Political parties cannot simply use propaganda to sway voters and expect to win the state election, he added.

“Most importantly in voting for a state government, we want to see what are the issues in the state which needs the federal government’s help.

“For example, the water issue in Kelantan, of course, we (state government) want to have some sort of cooperation with the federal government to understand the underlying problem which has yet to be solved after 33 years.

“Therefore, the six state elections are more towards finding a leadership at the state level.”

Meanwhile, Johari reminds all voters to fulfil their duty during polling day as not doing so will affect one’s self as a Malaysian.

“(State) leadership is important. We must look at the track records, analyse how long a state government has been administering, developments that have been made, and evaluate leaders in every state.”

Source : NST

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