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“Credible team can put economy back on track”, says Johari Ghani

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s economy can be rectified and its economic growth can be “brought back on track” if there is a team of competent, experienced and credible people, says Johari Ghani, a hopeful Titiwangsa MP who was a second finance minister.

“We can’t just have one person, like the prime minister, to deal with it. We need a team” to deal with a challenging global economy next year, he said on a TV3 general election program.

Johari added that political stability was also necessary to attract investors to the country which is what Barisan Nasional managed to deliver during its six decades in power.

However, having three prime ministers in four years would make investors think twice “not to mention when the prime minister jumps to a different party”.

He said frequent changes of government would affect development policies because of clashes with the new ruling party’s political ideology.

“Yes, in BN there are multiple parties but our advantage is that we have gone through the process of getting to know one another in the last 61 years. The chemistry is good and that’s why we could accomplish many things,” he said.

“That’s why political stability is very important to ensure the development in the country.”

Johari, who is the BN candidate for the Titiwangsa parliamentary constituency, advised voters, especially newly registered ones, to do their homework on their constituency’s respective candidates before heading to the polls tomorrow.

“Understand their abilities and capabilities. Don’t make decisions that are sentiment-driven. Be well-informed before voting,” he said.

Source: FMT

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